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The Marshall Cavendish Story and Singapore Math®

Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) is the publisher of Singapore Math® textbooks Math In Focus® and Primary Mathematics. We have worked closely with the Ministry of Education in Singapore to develop the world class educational products that have propelled the tiny nation to record levels of global mathematics achievement.
For nearly 40 years, Marshall Cavendish Education has been a leading academic publisher of K-12 math textbooks, workbooks and digital curricula, as well as a respected provider of professional development for educators. Our mission is to revitalize math instruction in classrooms worldwide. Marshall Cavendish Education publishes Singapore Math® textbooks, Math In Focus®, and Primary Mathematics. Through working closely with the Ministry of Education in Singapore, we develop world class educational products that propel the tiny nation of Singapore to achieve record levels of global success in mathematics. Marshall Cavendish Education’s products have been adopted by educators and embraced by students in over 50 countries, and our global success is fundamentally impacting mathematics education in the United States. With the ever increasing adoption of Math In Focus® and Primary Mathematics at public, private and charter schools alike, the student success rate in mathematics across the U.S. continues to rise. Aligning our curricula with the Common Core and other state standards is also beneficial in meeting the growing demands of school administrations.

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