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5 Reasons to Attend MCE’s 1-Day PD Workshop in Texas

February 10, 2016

Marshall Cavendish Education is headed to The Lone Star State for a three-day road trip on Singapore Math®: Anchor Tasks & Problem Solving! We’ll be visiting Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. These dynamic, one-day interactive workshops will benefit all K-5th grade educators – those already using Math in Focus®, Primary Mathematics, or Math Buddies, as well as newcomers drawn to the Singapore Math® Approach because of its results in high student achievement in math.

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Why should you attend?

  1. See the pedagogy of Singapore Math® in action.
  2. Learn how to plan and teach an Anchor Task.
  3. Understand the operations of fractions and how to problem solve using bar modeling.
  4. Understand how bar modeling supports the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach.
  5. Engage in hands-on activities and learn how to transfer them to your classroom.

Covering three important topics –Anchor Tasks, Teaching of Fractions and Bar Modeling–presenters Hoover Herrera and Chris Coyne will demonstrate how Singapore Math® Anchor Tasks are developed and taught, how Fractions are taught using the Singapore approach and present and solve a series of word problems of varying degree of difficulty using the bar model method. Educators will learn proven and practical strategies that will boost student confidence, engage pupils, and impart life-long, real-world problem-solving skills.

Each workshop will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at 3:30 PM. Also, coffee and lunch are included! Click the links below to view the program schedule and speakers for each event!



6th Annual Singapore Math® Summer Institute
July 13 – 15, 2016

By Nisa Torres