Singapore Math®, an integral part of the Common Core State Standards, is where content meets pedagogy.

The Singapore Math® approach ushers students toward a holistic understanding of mathematical concepts as it imparts mastery of procedural skills. It is a comprehensive learning and teaching methodology that forms the basis of the current Mathematics Standards and is, therefore, organically designed to align with the Common Core.

The 5th Singapore Math® Summer Institute will focus on this inextricable link between the Common Core State Standards. Our presenters have an exceptional grasp of the tools teachers need to implement a strong curriculum. They have developed this year's program to provide participants with varied experiences in Singapore Math® instruction, so every attendee can be sure to improve his or her classroom practice.

At the Summer Institute, participants will:

  • Delve into the fundamental importance of place value, whole number operations, and fractions;
  • Explore the depth of these three elements and how they connect to the Common Core;
  • Discover the integral role bar-modeling and other visuals play in introducing math concepts;
  • Learn how to effectively encourage students' ability to persevere, problem solve, and develop positive attitudes about math.