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Chinese Language for Primary Schools

Huanle Huoban (Happy Pals) for Grade 1-5


Infusing context from everyday life, this series enables students to learn Chinese in a conducive and relatable environment.  Using a comprehensive range of materials, teachers can build students’ interest and help scaffold the development of the four essential language skills through ample practices and activities:

Listening            Speaking            Reading            Writing

This program is suitable for students learning Chinese as a second language and Immersion Programs. In 5 hours per week, your students can learn 300 Chinese Characters per year. View the catalog.


The Chinese Language for Primary Schools Textbook

★ Level 1: Learn about vowels and consonants, then move on to literacy, writing and reading through components in our 1B textbook known as “I love Reading” and “Language Land”.

★ Levels 2 & 3: In these textbooks, teaching is done through unit modules. The “I love Reading” component in every lesson is split into an introduction, core and enrichment sections. The introduction helps pupils recognize vocabulary words from the core lesson, and our core lessons are for all learning levels. The enrichment sections are for students of a higher language proficiency.  Also in Level 3, students begin with writing sentences, then progress to write paragraphs.

★ Level 4: Students will learn to write paragraphs within a passage and acquire the skills to merge paragraphs together in order to form a smooth-flowing essay.

The Chinese Language for Primary Schools Activity Book

In our Chinese Language for Primary Schools Activity Book, students consolidate learning with practices written based on the learning objectives. Level 2 of our Activity Books include more reading and writing activities, such as sentence writing with pictures and reading comprehension exercises.

In Level 3, students will find additional written exercises on reinforcing sentence structures, paragraph writing and vocabulary building. Level 4 Activity Books have a few exercises, which focus on characters-writing and recognition, the meanings of the characters and essay writing.

The Chinese Language for Primary Schools Writing Exercise Book

Writing Exercise Book allows students to practice writing the characters learned in lessons in the correct stroke order.

Big Books

Our oversize Big Books are used for teaching, listening and speaking skills.

Small Readers

With small readers, students are able to extend their independent learning.


★ Levels 1 & 2: Include a PDF Teachers Guide, Digital Resources with video lessons, Flash Cards, Big and Small Picture Cards and a game board

★ Levels 3 & 4: Includes a PDF Teachers Guide and Digital Resources with video lessons