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Singapore Math® Fact Fluency

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Order our new daily fact practice workbooks to help students develop deep conceptual understanding, achieve mathematical proficiency and build confidence in just 10 minutes a day. 

• Singaporean pedagogy moves students beyond traditional memorization to deep understanding of math concepts.

• The three-step approach–Building Facts, Using Known Facts and Developing Efficiency–builds automaticity with math facts.

• Variety in question types develops a range of problem-solving skills while preparing students for standardized assessments.

• Challenge questions extend thinking and develop readiness for future learning.

• Students write about math in order to evaluate process and create new math thinking.


Missed our Fact Fluency Webinars? Buy the Recording!

Achieving Fact Fluency requires more than just rote memorization. Join us in this webinar to explore a strategies-driven approach to help students achieve Fact Fluency. Based on the philosophy that number sense leads to Fact Fluency, participants will:

  • Hear directly from the authors of “Singapore Math® Fact Fluency“, Susan Resnick & Genevieve Collura
  • Develop a definition of Fact Fluency
  • Experience in detail the 3 stages of Fact Fluency and apply strategies to develop them
  • Practice maintaining higher order thinking and building Fact Fluency simultaneously
  • ENJOY FREE ACCESS to a download of 2 chapters of the “Singapore Math® Fact Fluency” book

There is an important role that conceptual understanding and competency in solving basic facts play in securing Fact Fluency. This 1 and 1/2 hour information-packed webinar offers strategies that are more suitable and more effective methods than traditional math drills. 

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