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Math Buddies is a K-5 digital resource that is a complement to any math textbook used in the classroom.

Math Buddies

Math Buddies presents the principles of the Singapore Math® Approach and is designed to meet the requirements of the Common Core. With pre-tests, post-tests, assessments and guided learning, Math Buddies provides support both inside and outside of the classroom.

Math Buddies – Digital K-5 Resource

Easy to teach and fun to learn, Math Buddies is a K-5 digital resource based on the pedagogical approach of Singapore Math®. Our program includes hundreds of interactive multimedia tools and effective instructional strategies for all K-5 math topics. The components, which are tailored to each grade level, apply to teaching math concepts, assessing students’ knowledge, and providing additional support outside the classroom. Each facet of the program supports a teacher’s unique classroom style and a student’s particular needs. Math Buddies’ robust Learning Management System allows teachers to collect data, assess students, plan lessons, and report students’ progress. In addition, each curriculum provides a coherent and focused syllabus that balances concepts and skills with problem solving.

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Program Components

Math Buddies includes seven components designed to teach math concepts, test student understanding, and provide learning opportunities outside of class. They are:

  • Pre-test: Each topic within a grade level begins with a pre-test to gauge each students’ knowledge base
  • Post-test: Each topic ends with a post-test to assess each students’ comprehension and to develop procedural fluency
  • Teach: Ready-made multimedia lessons allow teachers to explain math concepts without the need for a teacher’s guide
  • Learn: Animated, fully-narrated lessons use the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract learning progression to build students’ conceptual understanding
  • Guided Learning: Scaffolded practice questions with varied levels of guidance promote student confidence and gradual independence
  • Differentiated Practice: Assist, Benchmark, and Challenge practice questions provide differentiated learning opportunities for students with varied skill sets
  • Intervention: Targeted questions determine if a student meets basic requirements or needs minimal to intense intervention


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Current Users Speak Up

  • “Students are really enjoying the program! The way the content is broken down allows kids to progress at their own pace. Works well for basic instruction, remediation, and advanced learning.” 
    -Stephanie W, 4th Grade Teacher, Kentucky


  • “Math Buddies is a teacher-friendly program that engages students in learning. My students love it.” 
    -Elementary Academic Coach, Neshaminy, PA


  • “Math Buddies has significantly improved my teaching. It is well thought-out, thorough, and very easy to use.”
    -Third Grade Head Teacher, New York, NY


  • “Math Buddies is very hands-on. It allows students to think like detectives versus robots.”
    -Second Grade Math Teacher/Math Specialist, Easton, CT


  • “Highly recommended. It is ideal for students who are struggling and for those who want to excel in mathematics. Math Buddies reinforces what my [kids] learn in public school, making math concepts easier to understand. I believe that their grades are higher because of it.”
    -Parent of a 2nd and a 4th grader.