Digital Resources – Aligned to the Common Core

Adopting the same principles of the Singapore Math® Approach and designed to meet the requirements of the Common Core, Math Buddies is a digital complement to today's math textbooks. With its interrelated components, Math Buddies supports the development of five intertwined strands that help students develop proficiency in math:

  • Conceptual understanding
  • Procedural competence
  • Strategic competence
  • Adaptive reasoning
  • Productive disposition

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Efficient, Effective Access to Education's Best Practices

This easy-to-implement program can be used alongside Marshall Cavendish's textbooks, Math in Focus® and Primary Mathematics®, or it can stand alone as a strong additional tool. Marshall Cavendish Education's emphasis on digital learning platforms and professional development opportunities means schools have efficient, effective access to the latest in education best practices and curricula updates. Math Buddies' robust Learning Management System allows teachers to collect data, assess students, plan lessons and track students' progress. Tracking the success of your students has never been easier.

Here's why:

  • Multimedia lessons explain each concept.
  • Step-by-step practice problems facilitate independent and group learning.
  • Differentiated practices support different ability levels.
  • Comprehensive assessments help you track progress.
  • Question-analysis capability identify common mistakes.
  • A progressive introduction to the Bar Model method eases students into a new approach to math learning.

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