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Math In Focus®

November 23, 2015

Math In Focus® is adapted from Singapore’s My Pals Are Here Math series. The underpinning philosophy of both series is the same; both aim to ensure that students strengthen critical thinking and reach mastery of concepts, computational skills and problem-solving, and their application to real life situations. Math In Focus® is a complete Singapore Math® series that combines research based print components with online resources that make math engaging and accessible to K-8 students. Content is developed using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach, which allows students to master math concepts, develop critical thinking and strengthen problem-solving skills.

The Math In Focus® series includes resources such as eBooks, interactive whiteboard activities, online activities, both concrete and virtual manipulatives, and a Bar Modeling app that provide students with hands-on experiences. Our resources lead to positive attitudes towards math and increase confidence as students grow in the subject.

Official distributor Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Studies proof Math In Focus®’ impact in students’ math performance across different states and school districts in the U.S. See some examples here:

Math in Focus® Case Study Beaver Creek City Schools, Ohio
Math in Focus® Case Study Benton County Ashland, Mississippi
Math in Focus® Case Study Great Neck, New York
Math in Focus® Case Study Waltham, Massachusetts
Math in Focus® Case Study Strong-Huttig, Arkansas
Math in Focus® Case Study Paxton Buckley, Illinois
Math in Focus® Case Study Kentwood, Michigan