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Math Buddies

math buddies math math buddies

Math Buddies, a digital supplemental program for grades 1-6, is a flexible online tool designed to help educators teach remotely and provide students with a better understanding of mathematical concepts. Math Buddies follows the Singapore Math® approach but can be used with any curriculum.

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Features of Math Buddies:

  • Engaging animated and fully narrated lessons that help to develop conceptual understanding of math topics
  • Opportunities for students to apply new concepts and skills using scaffolded questioning
  • Opportunities to practice after each lesson to support learning outcomes and check for understanding. Online practices are auto-graded, but teachers also have the flexibility to assign PDF handouts.
  • Teachers have access to all grade levels (grades 1-6) to facilitate review and support of previously taught topics and concepts, even from different grade levels

Components: Please note that every lesson may not contain each of the components described below:

Learn: Animated, fully narrated lessons that effectively support conceptual understanding of the topic.

  • Can be used by the teacher in the classroom to help teach a lesson
  • Can be used by a teacher before teaching a lesson in order to better understand the concept themselves
  • Can be used by the student independently
  • Can be used to support a difficult concept


Guided Learning: Scaffolded practice questions with varying levels of guidance

  • Can be used to support student understanding, confidence, and gradual independence
  • Online or PDF


Virtual Manipulatives: Interactive manipulatives help to illustrate abstract concepts

Practice: Opportunities for students to practice at the end of each topic. Questions are auto-graded

  • Can be used for extra practice