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Singapore Math® Class with Marshall Cavendish: Webinars & Dates

January 30, 2020, Building Visualization: Moving Beyond the Concrete and Toward Generalization – Grades K-8

  • Do your students look successful when they do individual tasks but then fail to generalize to other examples? Too often, students approach each math lesson as discrete rather than as part of a progression leading to a mathematical generalization. In this webinar, we will examine how to use both perceptual and structural variation of tasks to help students look for similarities, patterns, and contexts that build generalization and lead to mastery.

REGISTER FOR BUILDING VISUALIZATION. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

February 11, 2020, 4 Steps to Word Problems: Putting Polya into Action – Grades 3-8

  • George Polya’s four-step problem-solving model in mathematics is a way of thinking! Beyond mathematical procedures, students need to develop the confidence to think mathematically. When they think critically and make connections, they will be able to apply mathematical reasoning to everyday life and solve many types of problems. Discover how students can grow into skilled problem solvers through the four-step problem-solving model, which focuses on metacognition, and not simply answer getting.

REGISTER FOR 4 STEPS TO WORD PROBLEMS. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

March 19, 2020, Intervention and Small Group Instruction: What and How to fix the holes. Grades K-8

  • Finding the time to do intervention is only part of the battle. In this webinar, we will focus not only on structures to provide intervention but also how to identify critical content and plan key strategies to intervene.

REGISTER FOR INTERVENTION AND SMALL GROUP INSTRUCTION. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

April 16, 2020, Teaching to Mastery in Math: Are they ready to move on? – Grades K-8

  • It is almost the end of the school year, how do you know if your students have mastered enough to go on? In this webinar, we will look at mastery expectations for each grade and ideas to finish the school year strong.




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Fact Fluency: Grades 1-5

Fact Fluency is based on number sense and is seen through flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency. In this webinar, learn how to use diagnostic assessment, student goal setting, and the three stages of Fact Fluency. Discover strategies to help your students understand how to build facts, use facts they know to find facts they don’t know, and build automaticity.

PURCHASE & VIEW FACT FLUENCY.  $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

Intervention: The 3 Strands of Differentiation

Providing just-in-time intervention and remediation for Tier II and Tier III students is a challenge. In this webinar, we will discuss three dimensions of intervention and how to maximize resources by adjusting instruction to meet the needs of varying learners.

PURCHASE & VIEW INTERVENTION.  $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

Tackling Difficult Word Problems

We’ll explore how visualization and structure help students to solve difficult word problems. Participants will learn to use a four-step approach to problem-solving by helping students to identify the givens, find the question, visualize a solution, and apply their thinking.

PURCHASE & VIEW TACKLING DIFFICULT WORD PROBLEMS. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

Early Number Sense: Grade K-2

Opportunities for teachers to support early number sense sets the precedent for subsequent learning. We’ll discuss a number of strategies that can be implemented in your classroom tomorrow that will build number sense while also setting students up for later success.

PURCHASE & VIEW EARLY NUMBER SENSE. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

 Fractional Thinking: Grades 3-8

Conceptually, fractional thinking is the basis for math understanding beyond the primary grades as it progresses from fractions to decimals, from decimals to percent and ratio, and finally to unit rate and slope. Participants will learn how to use the CPA cycle and visualization to help students see that fractional topics are all a variation on one big understanding of the part-whole relationship.

PURCHASE & VIEW FRACTIONAL THINKING. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.

Math Coaching for Success – Grades K-8

This webinar will explore the role of the math coach in bringing Singapore Math® pedagogy, strategies and best practices to the mathematics classroom. We will look at model lessons, how to give effective feedback, and what to look for in the implementation and everyday teaching of Singapore Math®. Ideal for math coaches, principals, or math teachers seeking to bolster their Singapore Math® lessons, knowledge and instruction.

PURCHASE & VIEW COACHING FOR SUCCESS. $99 per educator. Call for group discounts.


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