STEM Academy
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Introducing STEM Academy for Grades 3-8


Building on the success of our Science, Technology and Singapore Math® educational solutions, Marshall Cavendish is pleased to present STEM Academy! Integrating highly effective grades 3-8 teaching and learning activities across disciplines is effortless with this innovative and versatile program.

Consisting of 12 engaging, hands-on modules, STEM Academy allows students to work out solutions systematically and scientifically – an important element in STEM education.

STEM Academystem_tree Curriculum:

•   Enables students to transfer and apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems

•   Provides educators with kits to create an environment that fosters exploration

•   Offers Professional Development and online teacher support

•   Is flexible and can be scaled for in-class and after-school programs


Unlike other programs that focus solely on Technology, STEM Academy uses student-centered learning to develop the deep conceptual understanding needed for students to apply their knowledge across different subject disciplines using scientific methods. Through STEM-related learning activities, teachers nurture their students’ skills while strengthening the qualities needed for 21st century careers.

Sample Grade 1 Module – All Modules aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)






View All 12 Modules with NGSS Alignment


STEM Academy includes lesson plans, student workdancing_sharkbooks, eBooks and solution kits. The program offers flexible package options – from individual modules to the complete 12-module program with Professional Development and hardware. Educators can purchase as much or as little as they need to implement sustainable STEM projects in their classrooms or schools. Our experts will work with you to customize the solution that is right for you.