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Marshall Cavendish Education offers Singapore Math® materials series to supplement your math curriculum.

Supplemental Materials

Our distinctive series of supplementals include textbooks, workbooks and teacher’s guides that support your classroom’s Singapore Math® core curriculum programs.

Singapore Math® Professional Development Books

Includes guided practice questions and extensive examples, as well as independent practice. Our professional development books give educators insight into both content and pedagogy of Singapore Math®.


Singapore Math® Student Workbooks

Marshall Cavendish Education’s workbooks provide an enhanced learning experience for students seeking challenges beyond the classroom’s textbook, allowing students to progress at an individual pace that supports their mastery of mathematics.


Manipulatives & Accessories

Marshall Cavendish Education also offers colorful and stimulating manipulatives that will help students engage in math activities and give them the context they need to learn according to the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach.