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2022 NCTM Annual Meeting & Expo

It was great meeting you at NCTM in Los Angeles!
đŸ‘‹ Thanks for stopping by our booth.

Now more than ever, teachers are asked to do more with less time—whether that’s building fluency in the classroom, analyzing data trends, or sourcing teaching resources. We’re committed to providing teachers with the tools, resources, and support needed for meaningful teaching and learning.

Our latest version of Primary Mathematics does just that—it provides a coherent curriculum built upon a research-based framework that empowers all students to develop critical-thinking skills, master concepts, and build the confidence needed to set the stage for long-term math achievement.

Primary Mathematics leverages the Singapore Math® framework to create a consistent pedagogical approach and unique instructional model where knowledge and skills are constructed and built upon with the use of rich tasks, visual models, productive struggle, problem-solving, and mathematical discourse


đŸ‘‰ Join us for our next webinar ‘Building Mathematical Connections in Grades K-5 with Singapore Math®’


Developing conceptual understanding of math concepts while applying them in real-world situations to achieve mastery can be challenging, but it’s crucial for building student confidence and setting the stage for long-term achievement.

Join us for an in-depth look at Primary Mathematics — the new K-6 program that leverages Singapore’s world-renown pedagogy in an easy-to-use format with data-driven instruction, actionable assessments, and comprehensive teacher resources. The new Primary Mathematics purposefully sequences topics and creates connections between concepts resulting in the mastery of big ideas and improved student outcomes.

During the session:

  • Learn how this cohesive, vertically aligned curriculum uses rich anchor tasks, visual models, productive struggle, problem-solving, and mathematical discourse to develop critical thinkers.
  • Discover ways to empower teachers to create exciting classroom experiences that engage, inspire, and fuel student growth.
  • Explore a variety of print and digital assessment tools that support students where they are and provide on-level support

This webinar is designed for teachers and administrators.

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