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Basic Program (Beginner/Intermediate)

This series aims to raise the language competency of beginner students so that they can attain mastery of the Chinese language and be able to listen, read, speak and write with ease.

Every chapter consists of 5 key components

  • Are You Ready?: Provides warmup activities for students to be familiarized with the topics and themes discussed.
  • Lesson on Listening and Speaking: Comprises two segments Listen & Do (听一听,做一做) and Think and Speak (想一想,说一说). Students learn from relatable, everyday examples before applying their understanding through two listening activities and one oral activity.

    It also includes introductory exercises (听前准备、说前准备) and peer evaluation forms (评量表). Prior to each listening task, new vocabulary and related key words are introduced to overcome any obstacles in listening comprehension.

  • Lesson on Reading and Writing: Comprised in two segments, a reading passage (课文) and Let’s Do It (做一做). The reading passage will vary according to its specific learning objectives. Let’s Do It (做一做), activities in this segment aims to consolidate students’ understanding of the reading passage. These activities are also complementary to the reading skills taught in the chapter, applying what they have learnt into practice.
  • Integrated Tasks: Requires students to apply all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to complete the activities designed. It ensures holistic development of their Chinese language proficiency.
  • Self-Assessment: Provides a checklist for self-evaluation. Teachers can also use it to understand their students’ learning progress.

In each chapter, essentials words to be learned are indicated in different colors. Hanyu Pinyin are also included when new words and proper nouns are introduced.

Using the “Show – Explain – Practice” model, students progressively develop their language proficiency
Each unit features a separate Listening & Speaking lesson, and a Reading & Writing lesson. This ensures focused training on different skill sets and better learning outcomes. The Integrated Tasks segment then combines the four skills to develop a well-rounded language proficiency.