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Chinese Special Program (Beginner)

This series aims to strengthen students’ communication and written skills. It is designed for non-Chinese learners of the Chinese language.

  • Suitable for beginning learners of Chinese at the Middle School and High School levels
  • Series cultivates students’ language and communication skills
  • Matched to the local context, students find the content in the materials interesting and relatable
  • Series briefly touches on Chinese culture as well

Each lesson consists of the following components:

  • Learning Goals: Lists out knowledge and language skills to be learned.
  • Introduction: Introduces the typical functions of certain sentence patterns.
  • Dialogue: Illustrates the proper use of sentence patterns and vocabulary through the dialogue designed.
  • Language Points: Explains sentence patterns with examples.
  • Let’s Learn: Introduces knowledge on the Chinese language regarding forms, pronunciations, and meanings.
  • Activity Time: Applies knowledge and language skills learned to different activities designed.
  • Vocabulary List: Lists out words to be learned, together with their Hanyu Pinyin and English translation. Words with no English equivalent are explained in parentheses.
  • How am I doing?: Provides a checklist for self-evaluation.

Additional information is provided under “TIPS” to supplement knowledge introduced when necessary. There’s also an “Integrated Task” for application of knowledge and language skills learned.

This program includes a Textbook, Workbook, and a Teacher’s Guide. Each unit comes with a reading passage and an integrated task. Sections of the textbook include Learning Objectives, Chapter Introduction, Lesson, Word List and others (Workbook content corresponds to learning objectives of textbook lessons). The Integrated Task enables students to apply their learnings from lessons in real-life in terms of using the language.