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We give K-8 teachers the professional development tools they need to become more effective educators in mathematics.

Singapore Math® Professional Development

A great teacher can make all the difference in the quality of education a child receives. That’s why we pride ourselves on giving grades K-8 teachers the instructional support they need to become more effective educators in mathematics. 

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World Class Professional Development Training Backed by Research and Results

Marshall Cavendish Education offers a continuum of K-8 Singapore Math® Professional Development training that can be delivered virtually or in-school in one, two, or three-day programs. Since each teacher, school, and district has distinct objectives, our trained Professional Development experts will help assess your needs and customize a program specific to your school. This allows high-quality training that increases the understanding of math topics and the ability to apply the concepts learned.

All topics can be tailored for all grade levels together or broken up by K-2/3-5 or other range of grades. Customized PD can be delivered Virtually or In-School.

Popular Topic Areas:
  • Singapore Math® for Beginners
  • Essentials of Teaching Singapore Math®
  • Singapore Math® Lesson Structure and Lesson Planning
  • Problem Solving with Bar Models
  • Anchor Task Development
  • and more!

What Sets our PD Apart?

Pedagogy and problem-solving are at the core of the global success of Singapore Math®. Supported by decades of research, the three-part Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach, and the emphasis on problem-solving promote the progression of student learning from early understanding to competency to fluency.

Boost teacher confidence with new math strategies, next-level training, or transitional professional development. Our professional development enables educators to create a mathematically-rich classroom where students understand and connect concepts, learn skills and fluency, and improve mathematical competence.

Our PD provides:

  • Instruction aligned to state standards
  • Methodology that integrates with any math curriculum
  • Singapore Math®’s high-quality instruction that results in improved student learning outcomes


Professional Development Books

With extensive examples, guided practice questions and independent practice, our professional development books give math educators insight into both content and pedagogy. Backed by research studies and consistent with the philosophy of authentic professional learning, educators observe students to enhance their teaching.

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