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How and Why to Facilitate Differentiation in Your Math Classroom

Christopher Coyne National Education Consultant ccoyne@marshallcavendish.com There is much written about differentiation in the math classroom. But at the core of it all, there seems to be a central idea:  … Read more

Anchor Tasks: A better way of teaching math to young learners?

By Hoover Herrera Singapore Math® expert hherrera@marshallcavendish.com I confess, I taught math for my first eight years of teaching in the same way I was taught math when I was  … Read more

Make Mental Math the New Literacy Program in Your School

By Robyn Silbey, math education coach and consultant When was the last time you sounded out the word “and?” or “dog?” or, for that matter, any other word in this  … Read more

Visual Approach to Math Instruction is Good Fit for All Learners

By Chris Coyne, Senior Education Consultant, Marshall Cavendish Education ccoyne@marshallcavendish.com Today’s global economy requires critical thinkers, people who can work in teams and those who can solve problems and adapt  … Read more